Optional Bidding Services

SheriffSale.com is a privately owned website designed to provide professional assistance in the research and purchase of foreclosure and tax sale properties auction by the City Of Philadelphia. It is intended to aide members in the Philadelphia Sheriff's Sale process. This should not be used as the bidder's sole source of information regarding properties listed. It is the bidder's responsibility to visit and verify any properties of interest prior to bidding on a property. Errors or Omissions that result in unsatisfactory purchases are not the responsibility or liability of the publisher.

On-line Auction Process For Members

The members' online auction closes five business days prior to the Sheriff’s Sale auction. At the closing of the auction, each highest bidder will be notified you are the highest bidder and you will be charged a non-refundable $50.00 Representation fee. Any user that bids in the member’s pre-bid auction is bidding for a representative of Sheriffsale.com to bid on their behalf at the live auction.

The charge for representation at the live Sheriff'Sale auction is $125.00 which includes a non-refundable processing fee of $50.00. You can select up to three properties that you are deemed the highest bidder for the $125.00 fee. For each additional property selected, there is an additional $20.00 fee.

What Happens If The Properties Are Postponed Or Stayed

If all of the properties on your list are stayed or postponed prior to the date of the sale, you may opt to have all funds returned with the exception of the non-refundable $50.00 fee. You may also opt to roll the funds over to bid on another sale. We must also receive your 10% deposit and any additional fees within 2 days after being notified of your winning bids. The highest bidder must call us at 215-772-1925 within the first 24-hours to confirm they want a representative from Sheriffsale.com to bid on their behalf.

Failure to confirm representation and pay required fees will result in an immediate default of the highest bidder. Representation fees are non-refundable! The second highest bidder, will then be given a 24-hour period to confirm representation and pay required deposits. Repeated failure to confirm pay required deposit and fees will result in suspension and/or termination of privileges to bid on Sheriffsale.com.

Payment Deposits For Winners Of The Member Auction

All deposits shall be submitted in cash, certified check, attorney's check, money order or wire transfer. In no case shall the deposit be less than $600.00 (six-hundred dollars). No credit card deposits are accepted.

Once the required deposits are made along with a signed receipt confirming the property address, writ number, and maximum bid amount you will be represented at the Sheriff's Sale.

Representation At the Live Auction

SheriffSale.com will assign an experience bidder to represent members who win our pre-bid auction at the live auction held by the Office of the Sheriff Of Philadelphia. Our experience bidder will bid up to the highest amount authorized by our member. Your property may be won for a lesser amount and SheriffSale.com will refund the difference. If your highest bid is not the winning bid at the live Sheriff's Sale, your 10% (ten percent) deposit will be returned within 10 (ten) days unless you opt for SheriffSale.com to hold your funds to bid at another sale. Once a winning bid is accepted at the live Sheriff's Sale, Sheriffsale.com will submit a 10% deposit on the selected property to the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office and forward an auction receipt to the winning bidder who assumes all responsibilities for the 90% (ninety percent) remaining payment. There will be an additional $125.00 (One-hundred and twenty five dollars) pre-settlement processing fee for all winning Sheriffsale.com bids at the Sheriff's Sale. SheriffSale.com also offers optional settlement services for its members.