How To Run Comps

Figuring out the purchase price and the potential sales price after completion is a key skill that often determines how well you will do in the real estate marking, particularly in the cash only foreclosure market. The traditional way of running comps is to contact a local realtor, and have them comp the property out through a MLS listing. Unless you have a relationship with a realtor they will probably asked you to sign some type of agreement.

purpose here is to tell you how to use the features of to look at area values of similar properties and to even examine what properties sold for on the same block. Here’s how we recommend that you use our resources.

1. Look through our phot listing of over 1,800 properties. You will probably find it helpful to search by particular neighborhoods or property types you may have an interest in bidding on at the auction. Use our search features to sort by the neighborhood, property type and even judgment amount.

2. Save the properties you find interesting to My Favorites so that you ca easily find them later.

3. Click on the heading of any property you saved to my favorites, and it will take you to our property detail page.

4. Next click on the property details link to view city records for ownership, taxes ,square footage and property types.

5. To view view what properties sold for in that particular block click block sales. This will show you when and how much each property sold for on that block.

6. To check for a rough estimate of of comps in the area, click on the Property Area Values which will take you to Zillow to view a more detailed description of the property including number of bedrooms and sometime photos of the inside of the property. Zillow will also give you estimated comps in the area.